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Earlier this month I found an open source Box Office script licensed under Creative Commons and took a picture so I’d remember where to return. This is one of the handy features of Snapzilla. Just take a pic, send it there and you can always return later.

.Open source Box Office script

The Box Office script allows property owners to run events with a cover charge, split money with the host of the event and more, via the notecard:

… monitor event attendance and popularity while allowing event organizers and hosts to receive some compensation for their time and effort. The box office has many options intended to make it as useful to as many people and suited to as many types of events as possible. The box office may be used whether or not the owner of the box office owns the land it is on.

Yesterday during our radio show our group attempted to use this and had some problems. The Box Office launched off a bunch of sensors into the neighbors property and kept hammering my lost and found with new sensors. Turns out I was using a “pretty old” version of the script when I contacted the creator Peter Newell he gave me v1.5. I should know better to always check for the newest version before trying to demo something. Doh!

Peter, a friendly chap, stopped by and helped me kill the old sensors and setup the new version so that for next week’s even our group can run a better demo of the program.

I just revisted the official (?) Box Office vendor location [SLurl] and saw that they are dispensing v1.5 also, so you can get the most current copy of the program there.

Box Office was the result of a contest to create a useful community program. There are more details in this SL Forum thread (registration required).

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