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On March 29th 2006 there will be a live webcast of the solar eclipse fed into SecondLife.

“a total solar eclipse will occur when the new moon moves directly between the sun and the earth. The moon’s shadow will fall on the eastern tip of Brazil, speed eastward across the Atlantic, through northern Africa, across the Mediterranean, and into Turkey, where an Exploratorium team will be waiting.

Our crew will transmit a live eclipse Webcast, as well as a telescope-only feed, from a Roman amphitheater in Side, Turkey. Weather permitting, we’ll witness the spectacular moment of totality, when the moon completely blocks the sun, and the sun’s glorious corona (the outer part of the sun’s atmosphere) is revealed.”

Unfortunately this will be at 4am CST.
If you are up in your part of the world here are the feed links(These links won’t be active until the live webcast):
Windows Media Stream
Real Media Stream

According to the archived video will be available in SL after the live event ends in Fame, NMC Campus, and Lukanda sims.

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