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Second411 is an item specifics search engine that can be searched from the web via or inside SL via a HUD. As of this writing, there is no charge to use this service, although the author indicates a future plan to monetize through contextual ads.

You can pick up the Second411 box at HUD at the official Second411 store for free in Takalo (143,88,401) [SLurl].

Once you click on the blue-white 411 box then you’ll be sent the box where you can return to your store, rez and then drag copies of up to 35 items you want listed in the box. Need to list more? Just grab more Second411 boxes. You can bury the box in the ground so that when avatars come to your store they’ll be standing in the spot you want (avatars will rez one meter above the location of the box).

I added my two dice games to the box, put the 411 box near the entrance of my store (slightly buried in the ground) and then searched for “dice” from the Second411 site:

Next I attached the Second411 HUD to CENTER and then did a search for “dice.” Pictured below is what the HUD looks like:

If you click on the item in the search it will take you to the teleport menu from where you can directly teleport to the location of the 411 box. Until we get better item level search tools inside SL (find doesn’t always cut it), third party solutions like this can’t hurt.

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