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I’ve been thinking about some of the issues that neighbors have with objects in the distance inside Second Life. It would be a cool feature if property owners could click on objects in the distance and mark them as “obscure” so that when people came on their property they would see the world through the eyes of the property owner. This could improve the frame rate too since those objects wouldn’t have to be rendered.

From the road, flying overhead and/or all Governor Linden land all objects would be unobscured. While I don’t know if my idea is practical from a coding perspective or if it’s already been recommended many times, it seems like a logical solution to the “my neighbor just put up an eyesore” complaints that I’ve seen firsthand.

For the record, despite my picture in the last post, I’ve not complained about anything a neighbor has done, although when our VTOR group first moved into the chalet there was an incident with one of the members and a neighbor getting bent out of shape about a sign he had made on our property. We eventually worked it out but some tension was present for a little while. Eventually the neighbor moved on and pretty much the red LAND signs are what followed.

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