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According to Phillip Linden on the second life forum:

Most recently, the Linden Dollar has dropped in value by approximately 11% since mid-February. In response to this decline, and in keeping with our desire to maintain a stable currency exchange rate, Linden Lab has decided to discontinue the payment of traffic incentives to parcel owners.

Though it was nice to see the nice traffic incentives each day I don’t think this will impact business at my casino in VGI MUD. Iv’e had many blundering errors on the side of customer service as well as losses. Thanks to some good friends and customers (who are very patient) I beleive I am ironing out many of the issues I’ve been having with both pleasing patrons, as well as creating a positive cashflow. This seems like it has been a loong hard ride, and I’ve only owned the business for a month and a half. I am disappointed that since this was not a ‘ground up’ business, but almost like a franchise, in the lack of business education. Not the immediate turn around I was expecting. I’m now settled in for a few months to see how this all turns out. Phillip also goes on to say:

Removing these incentives will reduce the amount of new money being created and should be expected to have a stabilizing effect on the value of the Linden Dollar.

I hope this answer from the Lindens does slow down the decline of the Linden dollar! According to this post: on 5/13/06 traffic bonuses will be cut 50%, and completely gone 6/13/06.

Does anyone else have a comment on how this may or may not affect their business?

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