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My wife tried to order Tringo for the Game Boy Advance from Amazon (via Toys R Us) online and was met with the response that it “wasn’t yet available for shipping.”

Does anybody have a source online that does have Tringo for the GBA available for shipping? Please use the comments area to tell me about it as I’d like to review this for VTOR. And play it too, of course.

USA Today has a piece about how the game got licensed by Crave:

Ryan, a former executive at game company Sega, shopped Tringo around, resulting in the deal with Crave Entertainment. One snag: the buyer’s lawyers raised concerns when they noticed that two people took credit for the game — Keir and a certain Kermitt Quirk.
Ryan had to explain to them that Quirk is the name of Keir’s persona, or avatar, in Second Life.
“They looked at me like I’d lost my mind,” Ryan said.

Isn’t it kind of odd that a game company wouldn’t understand avatar names in SL?

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