Click to see more posts by TD GoodliffeWhat are Second Life land tier fees?

Land tier fees in Second Life (SL) are explained on the Land FAQ page. Basically tier fees are $USD fees which cover how much land you own. When you sign up for a free account in SL you can’t own any land, that’s the main difference between free accounts and premium accounts. When you sign up for a premium account (the best deal is $72 USD a year) then you are able to purchase a 512m plot of land without any tier fees. 512m is not very big across, although it was big enough for our group to put a stage for Script School and build up. That seems to be one strategy: build up so you can be seen by residents flying over. The catch is with that 512m of space you only receive 117 prim, which run out quicker than you think.

Tip: If you buy additional land in the same Sim, you can use that prim on another plot of land. This allowed me to purchase additional land in the same Sim (Monti is the name of our Sim, btw, I’ll ge a link to our property posted on the blog soon). With that land it increased our prim count so we could add additional objects to our land.

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