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What if you could take 200 faces and turn them into any other face? That’s what the technology in the following video (5:16) demonstrates.

You’d think it would take more than 200 faces to create any other face. When you look at this and compare it to MMO software for avatars in say Second Life, the realism is impressive. Fascinating stuff. Imagine having a script to be able to morph your face to another avatar on command or click. One of my favorite parts is the male to female transition by moving a slider about a minute and a half in.

Remember the move Terminator 2? Good 3D morphing effects there.

November 3rd, 2007 • TD Goodliffe • 3D Modeling, Avatars, Video 3 Comments »

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  1. 1 Opensource Obscure:

    Amazing. Also, it’s amazing that this is exactly 9 years old, and yet we’re not using it:

  2. 2 René Jensen:

    I agee. anything new?

  3. 3 James:

    demonstrable@buffets.finishes” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    tnx for info!!…

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