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Second Life search for chipmunk

Thanks Kent, I had a good laugh at the following video this morning.

Even though I’ve been in Second Life since December 2005, I still run into things and find myself flying around at undesired times. Also, if the sim is too busy it can be like moving in molasses. On the builder side and maybe some more experienced builders can offer helpful suggestions, but when you go to resize an object, sometimes it can be a bit cumbersome to line up the object the way you want. Maybe I need to work on camera positioning a bit more.

Maybe Linden Lab will start certifying residents who nail avatar movement and object manipulation in world. That’s a joke.

And while we’re laughing at things we like, this video made me chuckle too, thanks College Humor:
How many dramatic chipmunk moments have you had in Second Life? Speaking of animals, I conducted a search for chipmunk this morning in the classifieds and came across Penny’s Pets located in the appropriately-named Shark sim [SLurl]

PennyWhistle is selling Rhinos, tigers, zebras, elephants and more. Make your land a little more zoo-like today.

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  1. 1 Weirdharold:

    OMG I love that Video! I don’t think I would have ever thought of it, but…..

    It is great!

  2. 2 TD Goodliffe:

    What about the dramatic hamster, Harold? That’s getting a lot of YouTube love.

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