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Bits and Bobs on The Island

I make no secret of the fact that over the past couple of years I have come to regard Craig Altman as a friend.  You don’t have to believe me when I say that that friendship wouldn’t make me recommend his animations if they weren’t any good.  Just get along to his Bits and Bobs shop on the island, and check out the animations for yourself.

Craig makes a number of different types of animations.   His most sought-after are the couples animations, which I consider the best in SL.  These range from tender, romantic dances and kisses, to passionate lovemaking animations, and are transferable, but not copyable.   You’ll need to take someone with you to the shop if you want to see what these animations do … or recruit a partner while in the shop.

These animations are gentle and loving, quite different from the rather aggressively penetrative animations which can be found in other shops.  Of course, like anything else, one woman’s aggressively penetrative is another man’s hot animation, but I think most women in SL would enjoy Craig’s animations rather more than the other types.

Take note that there are special offers on group of animations – if you want to by several from the same set, it may pay to buy them boxed together.

Craig also makes single avatar animation balls which are full permissions, which are strictly for use in furniture and other objects.  Honest furniture makers are grateful to animators who provide full-perms objects for use by those of us who do not make animations ourselves, but it is very frustrating to see that people abuse this facility and go on to try to sell the animations to other people, or pass them off as their own.  The sorts of animations available include different chair and couch sits, hand washing, computer using, hair brushing and much more.

Finally, there are animations available which can be put into Animation overriders or similar attachments.  It pays to wait for a while for the shop to rezz for you, because it is well laid out once you can see all the balls!  My personal recommendation is for slow dance 3, which is lovely, tender and loving.

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  1. 1 Brth:

    If you love V3, make sure to give their latest slow dance in the V-series a shot, V6! It’s my current favorite!

  2. 2 Evansmom:

    Late to the party as usual! I agree with everything Caliandris and Brth said about B&B. Between my partner and me, we have a houseful of them. The V6 slow dance is wonderful … and all the dances synch automatically, which helps when you’re in a laggy place like the Blue Note or Phat Cat’s. I’ve also never been hassled by anyone trying to be cute by asking you to demo an anim with him the way I have been at other shops. And it isn’t just the sex anims either but the day-to-day ones that work well. I don’t have a favorite … well, ok, I *do* but I’m not saying which one it is … but one I seem to use a lot more than I thought I would is the three-way pose … one man and two women together. No, it’s clean! In fact I’ll post a couple in a separate item so you can see for yourself, since I don’t think the comments section accommodates graphics.

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