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In world today in Second Life we keep getting repeated  ‘blue cards’  informing us that Linden Lab is experiencing trouble.  They are saying it appears to be heavy load on the servers, followed by they are having trouble with the data servers. 

What Linden Labs is was not saying is there are 27,320 people online at that time.

It seems obvious that Second Life is not scaling well to those kind of numbers.  Maybe when they finish getting the  the second location set up down in Texas some of the load will get divided and an improvement will be seen.

With the way Second Life has been performing lately, when over 20,000 people are using the system, it is a wonder if any of the new people stay around for a week much less 30 days!

ok, I slide my soapbox back under the bed.

January 28th, 2007 • Weirdharold • Blogs, Downtime, Drama, Events, News, Second Life 5 Comments »

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  1. 1 TD Goodliffe:

    Blame it on all the people heading for open mic time in Sterling Vineyards maybe? Seriously, this has been an every week thing for too long.

  2. 2 Weirdharold:

    I have gotten a pretty good influx of people to read drummed up his own beat… most musicians so thought I would take advantage of it to help get a few more performers for Cryene…. And am going to get her to hang a VTOR sign on her stage…. *wink*

  3. 3 Frans Charming:

    Actually, just the 27k wasn’t the problem. We where doing 27k+ for hours and went past 28k and 29k and almost reached 30k, only needed 250 extra. At that point the grid started have troubles and concurrency quickly fell back to 25k and grew afterwards to 27k again. At that point Robin L. send the gridwide notices. And slowly the problems disappeared, while concurreny stayed around that point still for a while.

  4. 4 Weirdharold:

    Thanks for stopping by Frans, and the only thing I can say is for the last several months as the number of users online have increased the more trouble I personally seem to be having. Maybe it is time to upgrade my machine again, but everyone I am talking to is having more and more problems… how I long for the days of >1500 online.

    I wonder just how bad thing will get for this computer and just how often I will have to upgrade my machines. I just can’t imagine many of the new users are truly able to enjoy their experience in Second Life.

  5. 5 Orlando:

    mechanism@cadre.climax” rel=”nofollow”>.…

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