Click to see more posts by WeirdharoldFirst Terrorist attack in Second Life…. Hog wash!’s, Iain Thomson, reports today that Cyber-terrorist stormed Second Life for the first time. What a load of hog wash. Attacks on Second Life have been going on for quite some time.

This may be the first time a group has openly taken credit for it in mainstream papers though. This group calling themselves the “Second Life Liberation Army” claim to have staged an online attack of an American apparel outlet, and Reebok… calling for democratic decision making in Second Life.

The avatar Marshal Cahill supposedly told the “LA Times” in an interview: “The population of the world should have a say in the running of the world.”

I can’t say that I disagree with Marshal’s words, but I am not in favor of such terrorist actions which cause more harm to the innocent folks in Second Life than to either Linden Lab or the venues in which their attacks occur.

You can bet these attacks take place using unverified accounts which are basically untraceable and way to easy to acquire. My attitude toward unverified accounts is slowing heading toward total resentment.

Edited to add the following:

Marshal Cahill is quoted in the LA times here. (registration required)

The Second Life Liberation Army’s blog

The Second Life Liberation Army’s web page

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  1. 1 Chronic Skronski:

    Calling these actions “terrorism” is ludicrous. Sure, the griefers are annoying, but I don’t think they are filling anyone with fear and dread. It’s simply mischief, not terrorism. As far as not being traceable: whatever happened to the hardware hash that allowed LL to stop specific computers from accessing the grid? Do they even use this?

  2. 2 TD Goodliffe:

    The penis storm on Anshe Chung was terrorism!


  3. 3 Chronic Skronski:

    Oh come on, that’s a phallus-y.


  4. 4 Kyle St...:

    lets blow some shit up
    yall know what im saying bitches

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