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Our VTOR group has setup a Twitter account using the site name vtoreality so the VTOR authors can easily send short messages about their virtual world travels, streams of thoughts, all in less than 140 characters.

Twitter VTOReality

At our next weekly meeting on Friday we’ll be discussing where to implement our group tweets (that’s what Twitter messages are known as) and as always, readers are welcome to attend these meetings open to the public. For VTOR authors reading, you can find the “Write Tweet” menu inside the WP publishing area. Just click on it, add your thought and click “post tweet.”

Twitter VTOReality

If you have a Wordpress powered blog you can also use Alex King’s Twitter Tools plugin (note: if you are using version 2.3x of WP, you will need to use this mod) which will archive all the tweets and optionally crosspost to the blog as either a daily digest or one at a time. We’re not integrating the tweets with the post, but may run them in the sidebar or somewhere else around VTOR. If you have some good ideas/suggestions for where you think these would best fit, feel free to leave your comments below.

You can add vtoreality to your Twitter follow list. I don’t have any idea how often the VTOR authors will update the tweets, but at least at first it will be fairly low volume. I’m interested in what the other authors are up to in virtual worlds and this provides a way for them to keep the world in the loop 140 characters or less at a time.

There are a few Twitter tools inside Second Life that I wrote about back in May of this year. On a personal level, I’ve been more seriously interested in and involved with Twitter the last couple weeks. Keep that in mind if reading my original post. I still prefer IRC, but will concede Twitter has some significant differences that I shouldn’t have overlooked in the beginning. I wrote an IRC bot to update me via PM of twitter messages on the IRC server we run, so I’m getting more in the loop now.

Any VTOR readers that are into Twitter?

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