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Second Life Insider reports that Linden is acquiring Windward Mark Interactive in an effort to bolster the 3D environments of SL. I previously had covered the issues with the detailing of environments and why SL lacked the shine that other MMORPGs seemed to be able to achieve.

One look at the Nimble system that Windward Mark has developed for 3D volumetric clouds and you can see how this could really be advantageous to Linden to have graphics as such integrated into the system. The realistic look of the environment could put Second Life in a whole new ballgame when it comes to environmental graphics.

Hopefully the integration efforts begin soon and is more smooth that recent feature additions. I personally look forward to more realistic environments that we all can buzz around in. It would definitely throw a whole new meaning to the term “escaping reality.” Meanwhile, let us gaze in awe at the screenshots and movies that Windward Mark has to offer and cross our fingers for the best that is yet to come.

Update(1): Linden’s official weigh in.  Check out the screenshots.   And what do you know…. they talk about cloud shadows on the environment. heh.

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