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In my quest for a perfect looking asian male figure something similar to Takeshi Kaneshiro, or Gackt, I was boinking around in Ayumi’s Waterfront Japanshops and wandered across Pixel Creations. Pixel Creations, is the work of Pixelsage Guru, whom creates these unique plushies for L265 a pop. Inspired by all things Japanese, especially cute things, I stepped in.

pixelsageguru1_003.jpg pixelsageguru1_004.jpg

Lo and behold there was a sight for sore eyes! Cute little plushies just calling out to me! So I grabbed a Samurai and a Tare Panda plushie. Bam… I was in love.  I mean just look at them.  Awwwwweee….   Makes you really want one doesn’t it?

June 16th, 2007 • Darius Sartre • Commerce, Objects, Second Life No Comments »

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