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That’s what the ad-industry bible Advertising Age proclaimed today in a CMO Strategy column by Mark Simon. In fact, Simon ranked it as the No. 1 trend for marketers to avoid. Simon also dismissed “lunatic Web content crazes” like Twitter-style microblogging, “intrusive” mobile marketing, pay-per-post recommendation blogs and the like.

Here’s his swipe at Second Life and other virtual-reality worlds:

“It’s no secret that marketers are having many second thoughts about Second Life, which just a few months ago was the preferred virtual vehicle for many major brands to show their wares. Today, walking (or flying) through these branded areas is more chilling and depressing than walking through an abandoned amusement park. Do you really think IBM’s brand is being helped by hosting a 3-D area that has tumbleweeds rolling through it?”

My response: Once again, if a marketing initiative didn’t work in Second Life, or Kaneva or, it’s easier to blame the platform, not an ill-conceived or poorly executed program. A good dissenting opinon comes in the comments, from Joni West, president of This Second Marketing, which maintains a marketing presence in SL (clients include, iMax and 1-800-FLOWERS, three nicely done marketing initiatives concocted by people who get the concept).

September 10th, 2007 • Evansmom Goodspeed • Second Life Comments Off

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