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Have you ever held an interest in going skydiving?  A couple nights ago in Second Life, I stopped by and visited with an “old” friend, (she is not old)  and saw the new landing area  for skydivers.   While visiting with W1cked  and Spurs Seattle, the founders of the Skydiving school located in Second Life, I remembered the time when I was taught to skydive in Second Life.

I really didn’t know that I would enjoy it as much as I do.  I mean, your not really going to get killed if your chute fails to open, what kind of thrill can you actually achieve skydiving in world?  I honestly do not know how to explain the thrill,  but I have to admit there is a thrill there!  A thrill and a sense of accomplishment when you learn to guide yourself down to a target on the ground.  There is comradery galore to be had by jumping with a group of divers, twisting ind flying in free fall.  When you pull your chute at a low altitude you will hold your breath to see if the chute opens, or whether someone gets to snap a picture of you laying on the ground with your head in a pool of blood.

Ask me why Skydiving in SL is fun, and I may not be able to find the words to tell you, but I will tell you it is fun.  W1cked and Spurs Seattle have a complete training facility  complete with training syllabus and friendly and very knowledgeable instructors.

Costs for their First Jump Course are as follows:

BASIC First Jump Course -
Includes a Bravo Basic chute, smoke, altimeter, and 5 training jumps – 150L

TERRA First Jump Course -
If you purchased your Terra Sport Chute from us, you get a discount! 5 training jumps – 100L

Haven’t jumped in a while? We can get you brushed back up and help you get back in the wind. 3 training jumps – 50L

Still need some help? We can help you!
Coach jumps are 20L each.
If nothing else stop by their landing area  and enjoy some good company and meet new friends.

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