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Wondering who is talking about Second Life on Twitter? Using Tweet Scan you can run a search query.

Twitter Scan

During my testing I found that within a minute or two my test message on Twitter was shown in the Tweet Scan search. Before going to publish I see Suezanne made a Wiki compiling helpful information for SL land owners.

If you’re looking for the official Twitter tracking tool, all you need to do is type in the Twitter message window: track KEYWORD(s)

Twitter tracking

And to untrack type: untrack KEYWORD(s). Then you’ll get real time updates when somebody is talking about they chosen keywords. This doesn’t have to be only Second Life you could use World of Warcraft, Kaneva, Lord of the Rings, whatever you want.

Try it and see if you can find some new Twitter friends to follow talking about your favorite MMO.

November 10th, 2007 • TD Goodliffe • Search Engines, Second Life, Services 1 Comment »

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