Click to see more posts by TD GoodliffeWelcome new VTOR Authors: Darius Sartre and Evansmom Goodspeed

A few VTOR site updates to share with readers. The RSS feed issues mentioned yesterday should be resolved now. Please holler if you’re still having any problems.

New authors added
The VTOR Author group continues to grow with eight writers to choose from now introducing our newest member: Evansmom Goodspeed. In April we added Darius Sartre who is off to a good start being involved and vocal with the group and has become one of the more productive authors.

This month Darius recruited Evansmom who will be focusing on Second Life events and news. Evansmom Goodspeed is pictured to the right. Darius is pictured to the left.

Please join me in welcoming both these new authors (hint: they love good comments like the rest of us)

New advertisers added
We’ve also added two new advertisers to VTOR. The first is for the game Adventure Quest which I reviewed at the end of last month. I had mentioned then that we were awaiting approval for their affiliate account. About a week later we were approved.

I receive an email newsletter each week with updates on Adventure Quest and they’ve have added a new pirate class:

Visit the Pirate’s Cove location on the Travel map to train as a pirate with Captain Rhubarb and learn abilities like Swab the Mob, Keel-Haul, Grog ‘n Flog, and Plunder!

The Adventure Quest banner will primarily appear in the upper banner slot area and look like this:


The second advertiser we added is the Chitika eMiniMalls which look like this (if the plugin test is working, you should see the eminimall below):

Want to advertise at VTOR? Multiple options are available.

April 2007 20 most viewed VTOR posts
Along the homepage sidebar the five most viewed posts for the month have been added beneath the all time most viewed posts. The list of five is pulled from Google Analytics, not the Wordpress plugin. The following is a list of 20 most viewed posts last month:

#1 Runescape: Virtual Game without the high demands (JohnnyRS, 772 views)
#2 A helpful post to lotro players (JohnnyRS, 446 views)
#3 What Johnnyflush is doing with L$1,000,000 he won at SL Millions (TD Goodliffe, 387 views)
#4 Another adult MMO hits the scene: Utherverse (TD Goodliffe, 295 views)
#5 Easter Bunny visits Runescape. Don’t miss out! (JohnnyRS, 253 views)
#6 LOTRO, Stop for the beauty and fight in a rain storm (JohnnyRS, 224 views)
#7 New to SL? Here are some ways to make money (TD Goodliffe, 151 views)
#8 Best Building Freebies in SL (Caliandris Pendragon, 131 views)
#9 LOTRO – The end of closed beta (JohnnyRS, 121 views)
#10 SL mod that allows others to see you nude causing small stir in forums (TD Goodliffe, 112 views)
#11 Relieving some LOTR stress (TD Goodliffe, 101 views)
#12 Need more Linden dollars? Visit the HippiePay Bank (TD Goodliffe, 99 views)
#13 Second Life plague of Godzilla bugs getting downright annoying (Darius Sartre, 89 views)
#14 Updated list of other ‘real life’ MMO mixed with MMORPG (TD Goodliffe, 88 views)
#15 My First Second Life T-Shirt (JohnnyRS, 82 views)
#16 Need some computer help? Geeksquad to the rescue! (JohnnyRS, 82 views)
#17 World of Warcraft map using Google API (TD Goodliffe, 75 views)
#18 Second Life Video Tutorials (JohnnyRS, 73 views)
#19 LOTRO approaching 1 million beta testers (TD Goodliffe, 63 views)
#20 Single prim clock free SL script by Xylor Baysklef (TD Goodliffe 62 views)

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  1. 1 Daniel - Chitika Customer Service:

    Hi TD,

    I’m excited you’ve started using Chitika! I took a look at the eMiniMalls code on your page, and if you’ll permit me I’d like to make tow suggestions to ensure your ads display the proper products.

    In the 468×180 eMiniMall, change the following line:

    var ch_queries = new Array( false ? ” : “lord of the rings, everquest II, everquest, world of warcraft, mmorpg, second life” );

    to this:

    var ch_queries = new Array( false ? ” : “lord of the rings”, “everquest II”, “everquest”, “world of warcraft”, “mmorpg”, “second life”);

    In the 728×90 MPU, change the following line:

    var ch_queries = new Array(‘Promotion’,'Blogs’,'News’);

    to this:

    var ch_queries = new Array(“Promotion”, “Blogs”, “News”);

    If you (or any of your readers) have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to

  2. 2 TD Goodliffe:

    Thank you for the tips, Daniel. Question: is your software doing something funny with literal quotes? Literals (single quote) technically should be used in place of double quotes (interpreted) except when using variables. It’s also the code from the plugin linked from the Chitika support pages so your own support docs would tend to agree unless we missed something :) Not a big deal to change in both the plugin (linked by Chitika support) and the code I cobbled together above. I took care of the 728×90 one already.

    Since you replied out here on our blog, it would be my preference to reply here rather than by email. If the answer to my questions above are something you don’t want to share out here then feel free to email those answers to the email associated with my Chitika account.

  3. 3 Wesley:

    pelvic@triplet.triamcinolone” rel=”nofollow”>.…

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