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Torley Linden likes Watermelindens

One of the best known Lindens both outside and inside Second Life, Torley Linden, likes watermelons. I bet Torley would like this site which made the popular list today.

Speacking of, if you’d like to keep up with different links tagged as Second Life try second+life or secondlife.

I suppose the virtual world thing would have been to drop Torley an IM in world and ask/offer this link, but I suspect Torley would appreciate a little friendly link love in RL too.

January 7th, 2007 • TD Goodliffe • Avatars, Second Life 1 Comment »

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  1. 1 Torley:

    I sure did get many links to those INCREDIBLE WATERMELON CREATIONS. Very touched people are thinking of me when they think of watermelons. ^_^


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