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This is bound to stoke the fires of my friendly challenge to get fellow VTOR author Darius to buy an Xbox 360. He says there aren’t enough good reasons to buy one. On Black Friday, the Xbox 360 sold 3 consoles for every one PS3.


The Xbox 360 experienced “record-breaking console sales” during the post-Thanksgiving weekend, Microsoft corporately gloated today. It estimated a 25% increase in sales from Black Friday 2007 and boasted that it outsold the PlayStation 3 three-to-one.

Darius, you paying attention? ;) No knock on the PS3 which is a sweet and infinitely more reliable gaming console than the Xbox 360 but the whole buy one for the Blu-ray deal isn’t as compelling any more when you can get standalone Blu-ray players for around half the cost of a PS3. Add to that the anemic Blu-ray library compared to DVD.

Microsoft released their fall update recently which added custom avatars (mine is pictured above, dig the suit?) while Sony continues to keep their Home project in private beta. Will they open up the beta to the general public before the end of the year? Will it make any difference?

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  1. 1 Darius Sartre:

    Suit? You mean that rip-off of a Mii?

    Xbox 360 still blows imho. Like I said before, I’m not buying one. If someone bothers to give me one? Then, sure… I might play it. Not shelling out for a Live account though.

    Either way, just because a bunch of people bought the 360 over Black Friday doesn’t exactly change the fact that it still sucks and still doesn’t have the games I’d want to play. On top of the fact that the red rings of death still plague the 360 like BSODs for Windows.

    I agree with you that the above is a reason. It’s another reason why I shouldn’t bother with the 360. A Mii rip-off. Whoopie.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  2. 2 TD Goodliffe:

    Xbox Live isn’t using the avatars to the extent of a Mii — at least this far. Maybe that’s where they are headed but right now it’s just a new feature. Now the Netflix integration? There’s a good feature.

  3. 3 Darius Sartre:

    Pay for something I already get for free? No thanks. And before you brag about the HD streaming, the Roku player has a firmware patch coming up at beginning of the year.

    And not even a Mii? So you got a wanna-be Mii? Even worse. How’s that gonna make me want a 360? Hah.

  4. 4 halihalam:

    Black Friday is meant for shopping in Christmas days.I like enjoying the shopping even a small item on these days.Thanks for the info..

  5. 5 TD Goodliffe:

    Just a question (because I don’t own one and didn’t look it up) here but is Roku 1080p compatible? Does it connect via HDMI or component cables and is capable of sending 1080p signals?

    Don’t forget Vudu! The biggest selection of 1080p movies — more than Blu-ray and HD-DVD combined. The Best Buy deal is going on until the end of the month that gives you $200 in free movie credits. And Vudu has something that both Roku/Netflix and Xbox/Netflix don’t have: pron! :)

  6. 6 cody:

    Im not going to get a xbox360 Iv’e heard to much about them breaking down the red ring of death.So Im getting a playstation3 I heard there more reliable.So if I were you I would get a playstation3.

  7. 7 rey2rumbl:

    Ive owned 3 XBOX360’s, all of them broke. Bought the first one, then 2 different replacments. ALL 3 HAD RING OF DEATH!!! They sent me a forth and I sold it on EBAY (HA HA).I have bought 1 PS3. have owned the PS3 since its release date, still kicking and no signs of killing over. Dosnt get hot games play for hours and hours with no freeze ups, awesome BlueRay movies excellent games and a cool looking design!!! If your in the market, Pay a little more, trust me you will not regret it!

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