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You read that title right and if you didn’t then skip over to the official Playstation blog for confirmation that as of December 11 the Home private beta will become an open beta. This means at least we can all get in but yes, construction continues. I wonder just how hard it will be to get in tomorrow?


It’s curious that TimesOnline is calling this Sony’s own version of Second Life. The article offers additional details about the monetization strategy for Home:

Sony has high hopes of Home becoming a digital clubhouse where those with time on their hands can let their avatars hang out together online. Most of the service’s initial features will be free, and you are given a harbourside apartment that you can furnish as you choose. If you want to embellish your virtual home with fancy furniture or bling up your avatar with posh clothing, this will inevitably cost real money. For example, a pair of jeans will cost about 85p and a flash apartment will cost about £4. This will be paid for via PlayStation’s online store.

For Sony’s sake they better hope that their world doesn’t become the PS3 Second Life. It seems these days that more people I know who once were excited about Second Life are getting out, not in. On the other hand, Second Life has had an impressive amount of press written about it, both good and bad, so maybe Sony wants the comparison to be made.

The official Playstaton Home forums are already buzzing about Home. Some, well, over-exuberance in effect I saw already like Home was going to “kill Xbox Live” — I’ve been looking forward to seeing what Home has to offer and will be in there tomorrow taking a detailed look. Am looking forward to hearing/reading fellow VTOR author and PS3 owner Darius opinion on Home as well.

This positive Home is launching news comes among much more grim news that Sony is sacking 8,000 of its 160,000 employees.

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