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On January 4, 2006 I added a premium annual membership to Second Life.  A few months later a second one. Dropped the second one already and just now a little after entering new year 2009, I have downgraded this one as well. Goodbye to that L$500 every week stipend that was grandfathered in. Oh well.

Second Life Account Downgrade membership page

One minor snag in the process. While going through the process, I still had 16 meters of land donated to our VTOR group land space (under the SL Blog Bar group) and received the error message when trying to downgrade my account to the free basic account:

Second Life upgrade/downgrade error message when group land is donated

This was easy enough to fix, although as you can see the message doesn’t go out of the way to help you figure it out. Just login to the world right click on your avatar, choose groups, and then go to the “Land & L$” tab as shown below and make sure “Your Contribution” has a 0 in every group.

Second Life group donate land option

Once you do that the process to downgrade works and leads to an exit survey, which I’ll let the picture speak for itself.


Second Life downgrade survey

So in a few days I’ll join the land of the freebie members again. I would expect my usage of Second Life in 2009 will be greatly reduced, perhaps eventually to the point where the software will be uninstalled by year end but that’s just a guess. Had high hopes for Second Life but in the end it didn’t measure anywhere close to the hype. What I didn’t put in the downgrade survey is that they ruined it by making it too first life.

Gambling, remember that? I find it interesting that inside the game Everquest II there is a Gigglegibber Goblins’ lotto where you can win a bunch of coins by matching all six numbers. Can this currency be traded in real dollars like Linden Lab allows in Second Life? Not from Sony, no, but there are a bunch of virtual currency brokers out there that will. The goblin lotto is very close to the ‘gambling’ that Linden Lab used to allow in Second Life. Is this the same as real world online gambling? I don’t think so, but apparently it Linden Lab felt it was and that decision changed the landscape of the business aspect interest for me with Second Life.

Anyway, no sense crying over spilled milk. I wish the rest of readers who still have Second Life premium accounts the best of luck. If you are keeping yours must admit I’m curious … why? If you canceled already, then why did you stop your premium membership? Anybody choose the more extreme cancel account route? Why?

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  1. 1 Mrs Madrigal:

    Being new to Second Life I’m confused as to why you would give up $500 weekly stipend. Isn’t that about $92 a year? The membership is only $72 a year. That means you were earning $20 a year from Linden Lab. Which means they benefit from you dropping your membership. Perhaps I will understand once I’ve been in awhile.

  2. 2 Prospero:

    I am in sl for nearly two years now, started as a noob, learned fast, started clubs, small rp-sims, and so on. All with a basic account as I ever asked myself why people choose to pay as, if you want to rent land, you can do it also without a premium membership from a landlord.

    Now im going into business, not just as a hobby, but with some real life interests in it, also if it is also for a pocket money, or maybe more. I still think SL has great potential.
    The question for me now is: should I get a premium account? The only reason I have is to have more safty regarding my account and problems. Well, in these two years I never had problems.. but with a business in the back, who knows what can happen. Maybe some frustrated person makes an abuse report of me, or such things. I need to have a better status, to be able to communicate well with Linden Labs if something. Thats my concern for the premium account.

    However, im still thinking about the costs of it, also if it isnt that much compared to other real life expenses or online games.

    I searched the net for others opinion on that, other businessmen maybe. I found this Blog. I`m writting here because the poster above made the point for me, hehe!

    Somehow i though i get 300LD per month as a pocket money from Linden Lab with a premium account, but it is per week! thats 1200ld per month or 4,5 us dollars. Plus that I can buy 512sqm land without that i ve to pay tier for it. Well, thats not much land, but worth another 800ld per month in rent, 3 us dollars. All in all a value of 7.5 Us Dollar for a price of 6 Dollar + better support – thats very fair, more then fair!

    So I made my decision here, I`m going to get a premium membership, and its recomandable also for people without a business in sl if they play a little and can use a little piece of land. And to be honest, since the first time i rented a parcell in sl i wont miss to have one, even if it is small.

    Best wishes to all!


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