Residential Property Development

• Alton at King Street

The 2,879 sq meter development site at King Street will be offered for sale by second quarter of 2017 and the campaigns are being managed by Australian Ready International.
Located on the east corner of Melbourne’s Brewery, the Alton at King Street holds 1,266 apartments and retails.

• Magnificent Residences Melbourne

Approximately 1,200 sq meter development site is announced to take effect by the end of 2017. Property is located in the West End of Melbourne CBD and about 150 meters away from major attractions. The development approved a total of 100 apartments with 20 floors.

• Prime Investment

It has 188 mm fully leased for two tenants with an incredible location close to Chinatown.

• Victoria Holdings Incorporated

Fully improved with 25,000 sqm vacant buildings with 53 car parks surrounded by retail and entertainment amenities as well as public transportation.