Residential Property

Our aim is nothing but to support in building high quality property developments and refurbishments that meets your needs. Whether you are an investor, private individual, public sector- we have a wide range of services that is able to meet everyone’s objectives on any project sizes.

Your Goal

• A building that meets your needs in terms of design, ease of use and accessibility
• Enhancing the value of your property through refurbishment re- development.
• Help you identify financial partners.
• High quality and secured residential buildings

VTOreality is currently developing more than a dozen properties in major cities like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. We have over 30 years experience in property development and have proven a strong track of record for both local and international projects. Our services cover every corner of your development project from coordination to residential aspects to launch all the way to delivery.

We start our corporate projects by identifying a site up until the delivery and we deliver various type of projects such as new development, re-development, refurbishment for existing properties.