Sam Furphy Property

I have the funniest friends on earth. One of my best friends is named Sam Furphy. Sam is a real character. He does everything impulsively. I’m not exaggerating, either. We were walking down the street one afternoon on the way to a local restaurant. We were both in the mood to eat pizza. When we were walking, we passed a woman who was speaking on her mobile phone. We overheard a second of her conversation. All we heard her saying was the sentence ‘I had a dream I had a pet monkey.’ A normal person would laugh at that sentence. Sam isn’t exactly a normal person, though. He decided that it would be his goal that day to acquire a pet monkey of his own! Absolutely mad.

Sam has a successful career. He owns his own business which is known as “Furphy’s Foundry.” Although he’s a hard-working professional who understands the ins and outs of the business world, he remains a playful person at heart. He’s similar to a child in that way. After Sam heard the woman talking about her pet monkey dream, he decided to search the Internet for breeders in the region. It took him a couple hours to give up on his goal. He realised that owning a pet monkey wouldn’t exactly be easy. I don’t think Sam would be willing to put the time in to take of such an exotic creature. Owning a monkey isn’t anything like owning a dog or a cat.

It didn’t take Sam long to give up on his ambition of owning a pet monkey. It didn’t take him long to change his focus, either. Once he realised that owning a pet monkey was out of his reach, he decided that he wanted to get a new kitten. He’s always adored cats. He’s just never had the opportunity to own one of his own. Sam dragged me to the nearest local park. He was intent on finding a stray kitten to adopt. He wanted to rescue one in need.